Thursday, January 22, 2015

My BASH Experience

Happy New Year everyone! It's been awhile but I'm feeling rejuvenated and excited for the year ahead.

Just last week I had the pleasure of attending my very first conference, a party conference. I was so excited when I was presented with the opportunity for me to attend. I'm beyond grateful to my amazing friend Laura of Eye Candy Creative Studio! Thank you again! So as excited as I was, I was also nervous as hell. Like I need to pop a Xanax nervous! Why, you ask? Well, I will tell you….

If you follow my blog, you know that it's been pretty lonely around here. If you follow my Facebook page, then you know it's been pretty slow over there as well. I had some personal issues going on for the past year and half, almost 2 yrs actually. I was also feeling a little jaded. I've been in the "party world" for about 5 yrs, blogging about parties, party finds, party crafts to then opening my Etsy shop 4 yrs ago. As I was going full steam ahead, my home life was taking a little hit. I have a 15 yr old. Need I say more?? Hah! Well, that's when I decided to slow down. Then I got slower…. and slower…. and then I disappeared. Still running my shop and busy with work but postings and working to get features were not my goals anymore.

You know what they say….. outta sight, outta mind!
(so you bet I took the "How to be a Rock Star at Social Media" class at BASH!)

As I took this break, the party world was flooded with new talented women. It's not a bad thing! I love to see all the beautiful parties that you all are creating. I'm quiet online but I am definitely watching. I've seen you all make friends, create groups, have meet-ups and attend each others parties. So that's where my nervousness of attending BASH comes in….. you don't know who the hell I am! I have a few old party friends that I was excited to see again but there were so many I did not know. They all seem to be getting to know each other over the internet and in person, where was I going to fit in? I felt like a high schooler not part of the "cool crowd". It's dumb, I know. But it is how I felt. It doesn't help that I'm sort of an Introvert. So even though these thoughts made me so nervous, I was still going to go. Mostly because my husband kept insisting and reminding me that it was something I need to do. I hate it when he's right!

Let me tell you, it was the best decision ever!!!! Like EVER!!!!!
Besides meeting the most fabulous, talented women in the business, I learned so much. I learned about being yourself and embracing/supporting one another. I learned that there is room for all of us! Of course there was so much that I learned business wise. Carolyn Horten of "How to Make Money Planning Events" and Tonya Coleman (who I finally got to meet!!) of "Soiree Event Design" rocked it out with all their business knowledge. Thank you ladies! The branding and sponsor classes were amazing. Alison Faulkner is AWESOME! I desperately needed the blog help, so Mindy Boyce Cone's class was perfect.

Can I just say? Loralee Lewis was SOOO inspirational, I mean I cried! Ok, I wasn't balling but tears just streamed down my face listening to her. I don't make cookies as part of my business but I enjoyed Jenny Keller's class…. it was yummy! :) The girls instructing the social media class were awesome. Amanda Rettke and Kristin Gentry shared so much information and it was exactly what I needed.
I shopped at The TomKat Studio (thank you Kim for having us)! The morning discussions were a favorite of mine. Listened to Kim Stoegbauer speak, along with Kim Byers, Chris Nease, Tori Tait, Kelly Lyden and Jennifer Sbranti. I had a full circle moment with Jennifer though. Finally meeting her, after having a few of my parties featured on Hostess with the Mostess was just the best!

Having breakfast with Amy Atlas will definitely be one for the books! She is so sweet, humble and just a down to earth lady. The beautiful conversation we had, that literally had us in tears, is something I will treasure always. Listening to Eddie Ross was exciting because I kept yelling to myself, "Omg me too!". Like he said, inspiration is all around us.

Michelle Burt, this woman is just amazing. She organized this event and I'm so thankful that she did. I've been following her blog Maddycakes Muse for years! I was so thrilled to meet her, she's the sweetest person. Thank you for this whole experience. Seriously, from the bottom of my heart.

In conclusion (like get it over with already, huh!): I saw some old party friends, I finally met ladies that I had been following for quite some time and I made a few new friends. Not many but now that I feel ready to get back into the party world, I'm hoping that will change by next years BASH conference. I'm pumped to take my little business to the next level!!

Monday, November 3, 2014

What do you want for Christmas??

We all ask the question, "What do you want for Christmas?" quite a few times during the holiday season. I know I ask this at LEAST a million times. It's also part of the stress I endure during the holidays. When my girls were younger it was so much easier, because they had the list tattooed in their brain. Now that they are older, its torture on both ends to get answers out of them. No REALLY. TORTURE! So I came up with an idea while I was happily pinning this morning.

Everybody is on Pinterest these days, even kids, well mostly teens. My 15 yr old daughter has a Pinterest account. She pins hair styles, nail art and fashion of course. Many of us have created our own "Gift Ideas" boards but I thought, why not have a pin board where we could all pin stuff they wanted for Christmas. With the Pinterest feature that allows you to invite others to pin to one of your boards, it seemed like a great idea. This is definitely something that works best for the teens in your life. We can obviously pin for the little ones that don't know the joys of Pinterest yet.

I also included my sister to my board, so she could see what her nieces and nephews are wanting this year. She can also pin for her son and I can avoid the lame convo we have yearly, that goes like…."What should I get Daniel?", (my sister) "I don't know!". So NOT helpful! My husband actually loved the idea and said he would get a Pinterest account just to see the board. He also says I should pin my own wish list, ya know, so he actually KNOWS what to get me! HA!

I think this is going to be our yearly board and will help lessen some of the stress that the holidays always bring. It's also perfect for those out-of-state family members. You can take a peek at my families board below….

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Baby Shower: Dreams Really Do Come True!

So this is long over due! Ha. I'm very behind on sharing photos of items I've created over the past year. Yes, YEAR! I made centerpiece signs, favor tags and cupcake toppers to match my friends baby shower invitations. I loved the teal and orange color combo. I especially love the Mod Mom feel of these items. The theme was "Dreams Really Do Come True" and theirs definitely did. Their baby is about to be a year old now!

Check out a few photos and my beautiful prego (not so much now) friend.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Nate's 5th Birthday: Sonic the Hedgehog

A couple of weekends ago was my sons 5th birthday party. The boy is OBSESSED with video games, Sonic the Hedgehog is his fave at the moment. When we asked him what he wanted his theme to be, it was no surprise that he said Sonic. As some of you know, the character parties are not my favorite but I've had to let that go since having Nate because boys WILL be boys and they love them some characters! My son has thrown some curve balls at me with wanting character parties that aren't the most popular (remember Robin, the Boy Wonder from last year?) or they don't make much supplies in the stores. I don't mind though, I get to create my own versions of these themes and I love that! I wanted to make sure this was something that Nate would love and true to him. I'm not a gamer like my son is and he actually helped me throughout this whole planning process. He told me about all the characters and all the elements in the game and cartoons. Besides the little "old school" elements that I included, this was all Nate's doing. He saw every piece I made and ordered, pretty much he was the BOSS! LOL. Check out boss mans, Sonic the Hedgehog 5th birthday party!

 I made the centerpieces using a few of the characters from the game. I was lucky enough to find color plastic ice cubes at Target and they made perfect "Chaos Emeralds".

We rented a game truck for all the lil' gamers at the party. Let me tell ya, this was a HUGE hit! My son was NOT too happy when our time was up, that's for sure. He LOVED it! I highly recommend Game Truck, they have many locations throughout the country.

The boys scoping out the truck when it first arrived. 

 The dessert table
Got a little old school with some crepe paper streamers for the backdrop. Also made the birthday sign with a Sega font. 

 Added some O.G. Sega Sonic game cartridges to these boxes, holding #5 lollipops from Candied Cakes on Etsy. They were delish!!

 I ordered cotton candy tubs for the first time from Dolly's Cotton Candy, located in Orange County. I've seen them cater to celeb parties, so I figured they had to be good and they did not disappoint!

 Sonic "gold rings" in donut form.

These "chaos emerald" cookies on a stick from She Wears the Crown were BEYOND perfect!! She created exactly what I envisioned for the dessert table.

 Birthday banner, Sega style.

I threw in some candy gems to the base of my cookie box. 

Another "old school" element,  a television from the early 90's that I painted red and added an image of the Sonic game to it. I found an old Sega Genesis from 1990 as well and paired them up for some fun decor. 

I made the labels for the cotton candy tubs.

This cake by Silvia's Cake Creations is AMAZING!! She never disappoints either!

The favor table was dedicated to the villain of the Sonic the Hedgehog games, Dr. Robotnik…. aka Egg Man! So of course I had to make a huge cutout of him, along with his famous last words…. "I hate that hedgehog!".

 I remember these toys from when I was a kid, so I had to get some for Nate's party!

No one else could make the "Egg Quarters" banner this awesome but The Purple Pug. I wish I could capture how glittery and fab it looked in person.

I made these vinyl Dr. Robotnik silhouettes to snazzy-up the favor capsules.

 I LOVE how the centerpiece for Nate's table came out!

 Sugar Coated Studios is so awesome at the custom wood utensils!

 I also made these Sonic vinyls for the drinking cups.

 We hunted down the ice cream mans supplier and scored Sonic ice creams!!

 How cool is this piñata by Angela's Piñata's?!?

 Now that's some determination!! LOL!! Take that candle!

Vendor Credits:
Silvia's Cake Creations- cake
The Purple Pug- Egg Quarters banner
She Wears the Crown- Chaos Emerald cookies
Sugar Coated Studios- Custom wood forks
Dolly's Cotton Candy- cotton candy tubs
Candied Cakes- #5 lollipops
A Pocket Full of Sweets- candy gems
Bourge Bride- polka dot table runner
Angela's Piñata's- custom Sonic piñata
Game Truck