Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Angry Chicken

The story of Angry Chicken: One day, some time ago, not feeling like cooking dinner, I had told hubby this but he was pre-occupied with some sports thing on t.v. He paid no mind to me. I had chicken breast out and I hadn't planned anything to make with it. So I felt I was forced to cook, when I didn't feel like it and as I slammed the cabinets, trying to figure out what to do with this chicken, I found something. A can of Del Monte Diced Tomatoes w/ Basil, Garlic, & Oregano. Well I decided to saute the chicken breast and add a couple cans of these canned tomatoes. Cooked it all together and make some rice. Well it was actually very flavorful and yummy! When hubby sat down to eat, he said "Wow, babe! I thought you didn't feel like cooking? This is really good!", I could have smacked him but I did like the fact that he liked it...hehe. So that's how this dish got it's name "Angry Chicken". On a night when you don't feel like whipping up something complicated, try the Angry Chicken. It's too easy and it's tasty!
Boneless Chicken Breast (I make 5 usually but if you only need a couple, that's fine)
2 cans of Del Monte Diced Tomatoes w/Basil, Garlic & Oregano
Salt & Pepper
Pour a couple of tbsp of olive oil into a frying pan, to heat at a medium flame. Season chicken breast with salt and pepper. Put chicken breast into pan and brown for about 5 to 7 minutes, turning occasionally, for a good golden color. Pour cans of diced tomatoes. Cover and cook, until chicken is cooked all through.
I made rice to go along with the chicken.