Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

I don't need today to make me realize how lucky I am, because I know every single day of my life. But there is an extra amount of love I'm feeling today, for my wonderful husband and my beautiful children. As, hubby and I sipped champagne, in our candle lit room, we talked about how much we love our life and how blessed we are. We both agree that we have never been more happy, then we are now. Life truly is sweet! A lot of people make Valentine's Day about the extravagant gifts they get, the theatrical romantic scene's, they create for themselves or the expensive restaurants they have dinner at. While all that is nice and don't get me wrong, I enjoy as well, it's just not about that. It certainly not the most important thing. Having a good life, having a great family, having great friends, is what it's all about. If you have that any of those, you are a very fortunate person. And that's a happy Valentine's!My Valentine's, are my beautiful children
The most amazing husband in the world! Every woman, should be so lucky!
My cooky sister and crazy nephew!!
Happy Valentine's Day to me!!


Amaris said...

Hey! I'm not cooky...I'm smooky. son is sooooo stinkin' cute in this pic!!!!