Thursday, February 18, 2010

Party Planning: Decorative Vases

Last night I worked on vases for Serina's party. I decided to match them to the invitations I made for her. Using the same card stock and since I had bows left over, I thought I would use them as well. They were as easy as the invitations were to make. The only things I had to purchase were the vases and the ribbon. I'm really digging this hand made stuff...who knew! My small work station This one will be used for flowers. Fortunately, they will match too, since Serina's birth flower is the Iris. Candy, I'm planning for this one.


Anonymous said...

NICE!! You have become sooo crafty.. Looking good!


Jeannette R. said...

Thank you! I am trying!

Anonymous said...

Good Job Jeanette!!!!!! :)