Sunday, February 28, 2010

Party Planning: Prizes and Lollipops

With all the crazy stuff going on these past few days, I hadn't gotten around to share my Toy District findings. I almost always head downtown, for birthday party supplies. I can find goody bag toys, pinatas GALORE, party favors and candy, in bulk, at extremely discounted prices. So when I started looking for prizes, because every carnival needs prizes, I headed there. Every time our family visits a carnival, my children leave with some kind of animal prize, either stuffed animals or inflatable ones. The kids just love winning, some kind of giant toy animal. So I was really excited to find these cute inflatables. To add to my party findings, I found striped Popsicle shaped, lollipops, that I will either use for my centerpieces or my candy "bar". They were to perfect to pass up! Giraffes, monkeys, elephants....oh my! Nate approved!


Anonymous said...

My kids love these kind of prizes too! That is definitely a good idea for prizes. Your baby's party is going to be so much fun!

Laurie R.

Anonymous said...

hello i wanted to know what area did you find the prizes and the candy, do you know the street? terica