Monday, February 15, 2010

Party Planning: Serina's Slumber Party

This Saturday is Serina's slumber party. I can't believe it came so fast. I have very little time left, to get everything ready and I'm feeling the pressure. I was trying to think of something fun for the girls to do, while they are here and I got it! Karaoke! I think that will be so much fun for them (and me too!). We will be taking the girls to play miniature golf at Mulligan's Family Fun Center, in Torrance, first. Then we will be bringing them home, to continue the fun, with a slumber party. Check out these karaoke Cd's that I came across. I'm sure the girls are going to have a blast....but I better get some ear muffs!


Amaris said...

Coooool! Can we have another dance contest? I've been brushing up! Actually, when Joel and Ashley were over on Superbowl sunday she told me she'd been practicing cuz of me. Hahaha! I'm so popular with the kids.

Jeannette R. said...

That's FUNNY!! But I don't know, she's gonna be hard to beat! She got the groove in her, that girl!