Friday, February 12, 2010

Party Planning

In the midst of Valentine's Day planning, I still have Nate's birthday planning to do. I found some cute stuff on Etsy and a couple other websites, they are small details but I think those are the ones that count. I also found the colors for what I want my balloon arch to look like. I'm REALLY getting excited now! Popcorn Bags (100 ct) $14.00 on Etsy Cupcake wrappers (12ct) $13.50 on Etsy Cupcake Toppers (12ct) $10.50 on Banner (it's actually a set of 4 banners, different patterns) on PartyCheap.comOne of the main things I wanted for Nate's party was a balloon arch. When I seen this picture, I couldn't believe that this was exactly what I envisioned!


Anonymous said...

These ideas are so cute! I'm in love with the carnival idea for my little one. Thanks so much!