Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Married Life: The First Rule About Fart Club is Don't Talk About Fart Club

As I was wondering through TheNest.com, which I do pretty regular, I came across this article "My Married Life: The First Rule of Fart Club is Don't Talk about Fart Club". A newlywed couple, named Holly and Jack, take you inside their lives and give you an intimate look at their marriage. Now this particular article, I think relates to ALL marriages, not just the newlyweds. I just thought it was hilarious. Not only that, it's a REAL issue in my marriage as well, LOL. I personally agree with Holly on this one but my husband, UNFORTUNATELY, doesn't! Feel free to respond to the question, at the end of the article.

"There are two kinds of marriages: those with farting, and those without. After much deliberation (that's a joke people!) I happen to have opted for the latter. Call me kooky.

Strangely, when friends hear this, they often say that they think it's "really unhealthy" as if Jack (my husband) and I have each been clenching 24/7 since the moment we met. Or, as if not ripping f-bombs in front of each other all the live-long day were somehow less than honest. I couldn't disagree more. It's not like I'm not being myself. I'm just not being the grossest possible version of myself. Is that so wrong? I mean, is farting in front of each other or peeing with the door open (also a no-go in our house) really a sign of love and affection? Pretty much the last thing I think after Jack smells up the bathroom is, Mmm, sexy.

When it comes to bathroom habits and the like, I say familiarity breeds contempt. What do you say?"


Anonymous said...

Hahah! This takes me back, to fights with Chris! I wasn't to thrilled with Chris when he let the F-bombs out. Men seem to be more "open", if that's what you want to call it. But definitely don't think, it's unhealthy. Some people view it differently, I guess.

Teresa Chavez