Saturday, March 6, 2010

Note to Self

Most people that know me, know how much I love notebooks, notepads, post-its, anything I can make a list on, I love. On a visit to Pier 1, a few weeks ago, looking for things totally unrelated, I found these funny note pads and memo pads. I picked up a couple for myself and my sister. And I'm actually using them all the time.The Pocket Notes are very handy to keep in your purse and they don't take up any room. I purchased the Shopping List pad and I use it all the time. I'm definitely going back for the other two. $3.95 eachThis memo pad I bought for my sister, I just thought it was so funny! And a great way to add some humor to the work place. $5.95
Now this note pad was hilarious and I encourage everyone to get one! For when you're just jotting things down, randomly, it's perfect. And depending on the type of work place you have, you may even be able to use it there. A great way to lighten things up! $2.95The "Deal with This" note pad, is my favorite. I plan on using this with my husband, LOL! A great way to get things done (hopefully). $2.95


Amaris said...

Hahaha! That "obscenely important memo" was funny. My whole department loved it.