Monday, March 8, 2010

Out with the old, in with the New!

Now that we are approaching spring, it's that time again, to start the spring cleaning. Besides my garage, that needs major attention, I will be working on my daughters bedroom. My girls have pretty average size rooms, not small but definitely not big. Space is a big issue for them. So, we decided that in the next month or so, we would buy them bunk beds. They currently have their own separate beds and while I normally prefer that, the amount of space being taken, is too much. Fortunately, I worked in a furniture store for 5 years and have come to know good quality furniture. Which is why I chose bunk beds from Raymond Oak Furniture. The bunk beds that I will be purchasing are not oak, ironically, they are maple. The rest of their bedroom furniture is maple and also by Raymond Oak. If you are ever looking to buy kids bedroom furniture, I highly recommend them. They do tend to run pricey but it's very important to keep in mind, when it comes to furniture, it's quality before quantity. You can find Raymond Oak furniture at Henderson Furniture in Lawndale, Ca. The bunk beds pictured above are the ones that my girls will be getting. Unfortunately I can not disclose the price I am paying, because I still get "employee" discounts for anything I purchase. Retail price is $550.00- The pictures below are just a few of the bedroom sets that they have to offer.


Amaris said...

Uh-oh ... I see my son having way too much fun on these bunk beds! Oh brother.