Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Party Essentials: Beverage Dispenser

This is one of my favorite party items, the beverage dispenser. I purchased one a couple of years ago for one of my girls birthday parties. And surprisingly, it was a big hit! People really thought it looked nice and gave the party a little something extra. When I purchased it, I had paid $30 unfortunately and now you can find it at a great price of $19.82, at Sam's Club. I just thought I would start sharing some of my favorite party items, or as I like to think of them as, "Party Essentials". I will be breaking this baby out for Nate's party and adding some tasty lemonade, to the other drinks that will be on hand. I really get into details like this! Now that spring is here, this is a great item to add to your Spring and Summer get-togethers. You've already seen my love for beverage totes, now check out my love for the beverage dispenser....YES, I know....I'm nuts! But party planning is my obsession! :)