Saturday, March 20, 2010

Party Planning: Dimple Prints

My latest project for Nate's birthday party, are the DIY aspects. This has been made so easy by Dimple Prints on A couple of months ago I came across this cute Etsy store, while searching for party ideas. I wasn't sure how it all worked, "a party package?? That you print yourself?". I went ahead and purchased it anyways, at $20, I wouldn't lose much if it didn't work out. But I'm very pleased at the outcome. All you need are some basic craft tools, like scissors, 1.5 hole punch, 2" hole punch, lollipop sticks and double sided tape/adhesive. They are small touches but I think this printable party package, is definitely a great buy. My main reason I wanted this package was for the cute favor tags and cupcake toppers. I wanted to mix them in with the cupcake toppers I already purchased. I haven't put them together yet, but below are a sample of what they will look like.

I purchased these favor bags from, at $3.99 a dozen. With a hole punch and ribbon, I will be able to create something that the children will love. Besides the sweets that they will be able to fill THEMSELVES (I'm sure that's not a good idea but HEY, it's a party! hehe) I will be adding lollipops. I purchased the classic Whirly Pops from, that I will also use for the popcorn treat boxes, pictured below.

Below are samples of the cupcake toppers
Everything is really coming together! With only 3 weeks away, it is getting stressful but I'm really getting excited!


Anonymous said...

I love all these little crafty thingys!!! I can't wait to see how its's all gonna turn put..