Sunday, March 14, 2010

Party Planning: Sundae Bar

Another treat for Nate's first birthday, I'd like to share is my "Sundae Bar". My BFPV has been wanting so see it on my blog for a while now, so here you go. I originally thought of renting an ice cream truck for the party but the cost was ridiculous. So that's when I began to brain storm! With the help of one of my favorite cousin's (who will be my Sundae Girl), I will be able to create a sundae bar and have them served to our guest. It's definitely less expensive and you are able to add your own elements, instead of being at the mercy of the vendor. Here are a few images that I'm drawing inspiration from and some items I purchased, that will help create this awesome treat! Sticking wafer sticks in the sundae's will add that yummy cookie crunch, not to mention they look cute! I kept the supplies pretty basic, but by adding the colorful spoons, I stay in my color scheme. Who doesn't love a root beer float?!? No one I know! I purchased clear cups and these cute straws from
I purchased these table top tents from, they will definitely complete the look of my "Sundae Bar"!
The trays are not part of the sundae bar but I just had to share them. As I was out shopping today, I of course made a Target stop and I was very excited to find these serving trays. The colors are perfect and the pinwheel print trays are a great addition to the theme! The trays ranged from $9.99 to $11.99


Anonymous said...

I am soo GLAD you FINALLY put this up... This little station is gonna be so cool.. The set up, the colors and all the lil goodies you are gonna have for this is gonna be AWESOME.. I can't wait for Nate the GREATS Birthday....


Amaris said...

Well actually, I dont like rootbeer floats! haha. But everything else is going to be devoured by me. I can't wait!!!! I like this idea better cuz you can decorate it better than if you got an ice cream truck.

Anonymous said...

I love this sundae bar idea! Thanks for sharing!! Im definitely going to do that for my next party.
Love your stuff!

Nina H.