Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Party Planning: Sweet Sweets

How much fun is a carnival, if you don't come out with a sugar high? Not fun at all. I've been working on the "Sweets Menu", for Nate's party and I think I finally got it all together. I went through a trial run with funnel cakes and I'm not sure that's going to work out. The guest list is pretty large and frying up funnel cakes will keep me in the kitchen and away from all the fun. Which is not something I want to do. Making them ahead of time doesn't work either, since stale cakes are not so good. If only I was having something small, lol. Well, after many tastings, I've got it! Check out a few of my treats for my little monkeys birthday. They will be a whole lot easier and I can definitely do them ahead of time.
Chocolate Covered Marshmellows Instead of fried twinkies, Chocolate Covered Twinkies!Caramel Apples
As easy as making chocolate dipped strawberries. Melt your favorite chocolate or in the apples case, caramel, then dip them into some tasty toppings. And of course, Nate's favorite snacks. Besides having his first piece of cake, he should have his own treats as well, after all it is his birthday party!


Amaris said...

Ok it's pretty bad that I'm looking at these pics and smiling. Hahahaha!! What a fatty I am! OMG I can't wait...I'm going to have some of everything...including the Gerber snacks!

Jeannette R. said...

LOL...yeah, I know how much you love Gerber snacks! I smile every time I look at the pictures too! Mmmm, chocolate!!