Sunday, March 28, 2010

Party Planning: Yo Gabba Gabba Iron-Ons

One of my favorite projects for Nate's little Yo Gabba Gabba party, were the shirts I decided to make for the kids. I've been so busy with the "Big" party and I finally got to them. was a great source to find the iron-on images that I needed. All I had to do was purchase iron-on transfer paper, which I got a Michael's and shirts, I found at Target. It's getting down to crunch time but I'm confident that everything, even the Yo Gabba Gabba plans, will get done. Take a looksy at the kids YGG gear! This particular image was shared by a fellow YGG momma. Thanks Isa!!
Each shirt was $3 to $5.


Amaris said...

I wanted Daniel to wear the Plex shirt :(

Plex! P-Plex! P-P-P-P-P-P Plex!