Thursday, March 4, 2010

Party Planning:Fabulous Face Painting by Elizabeth

I'm actually getting tired of blogging about Nate's party planning, I think because I'm just so anxious for that day to get here. The anticipation is driving me nuts and I still have about a month to go. I hope I get through it! Well today I got some exciting news, I've been waiting quite awhile for it, so I had to blog! After much debate, hubby and I decided that we would not be getting a clown for the party, the search for the right one, was grueling to say the least. We just couldn't find what we were looking for. But after deciding that we wanted a caricaturist for our party, we came across the work of Fabulous Face Painting by Elizabeth. Well I was really impressed with her face painting, body glitter and balloon twisting. So in the end we decided to go with Elizabeth and her work. The best part is that we also found a caricaturist with her as well, Max and Ruben's Caricatures. Check out a little bit of what they all can do.


Anonymous said...

Face painting and body glitter is goona be soo cool.. I'm telling you i'm gonna get my face painted.. Oh.. and i can't forget about the caricature, I'm gonna have one of those done too.. I soo can't wait!! Woo Hoooooo!!!!!!

Adrienne ;o)

Jeannette R. said...

I'm telling you, the anticipation is killing me!! The caricature is so cool, cause it also serves as a souvenir for people!