Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pier 1= Happy Happy Happy!

Today, my BFPV and I, had a day of shopping! Besides some shopping for Nate's party, we had to make a stop at Pier I Imports. We love the clearance section and today, I actually did my homework and knew what I wanted. More supplies for entertaining! I just had to share our finds!
Luminous Serving BowlRegular price $8, we paid $6

18 pc Tall Tumbler Set
Regular Price $39.95, I paid $9.98
This is actually something I desperately needed. Some of you with older kids may know, how easy things get broken. We've had a few glasses too many, dropped and broken. So when I looked in my cabinet and saw that it was pretty empty, I realized it was time to buy a new set! So glad I found these!


Amaris said...

Hmm....maybe I should check out Pier 1 to look for some goblets. Ok it's been decided...that's what we're doing this weekend.