Friday, March 5, 2010

Preparing for Easter

Yes, I know! Easter is a month away but if you're anything like me, you NEED to get things started ahead of time. Especially in my case, I have multiple things going on. A couple of weeks ago, on my weekly trip to Target, I noticed they had a lot of their Easter supplies out. That's when I seen the CUTEST Easter basket for Nathaniel. I just had to grab it! I usually assemble the kids baskets myself and I was so excited to get started on Nate's. I found this cute little book at Home Goods, perfect for his basket.


Anonymous said...

AWE, I love it.. It's too cute!


Jeannette R. said...

Thanks! Aren't the mini eggs we got, going to look cute? We gotta start working on our Easter egg hunt, for the kids! Actually Diana says, she wants to look for eggs too..LOL! She says she's going to wear an Easter dress!

Yuri said...

J. I totally understand, I also bought the same baskets at Target (a monkey one and a Robot one)for my boys.. They have been sitting in my pantery for about a month! lol..