Thursday, March 25, 2010

Proud Momma!

Today's blog is dedicated to my daughters Serina and Tahlia. I was so very proud to see that they both had recieved recognition awards. Serina was put on the Principals List, for outstanding behavior and citizenship. Tahlia recieved an award for being a responsible student and turning in homework on time. Though these may not seem much to someone else, but to me, it means the world. The awards really encourage my girls and most students, to set their sights on the next one. And I just LOVE seeing their proud and happy faces, at the ceremonies the school holds for them. Serina, especially, had struggled for a couple of years and has finally started to progress. So when I see how happy she gets to recieve some sort of recognition at school, it really chokes me up. If you know me, you know how emotional I get when anything is going on with my girls. First days of school, dance recitals, you name it, I cry (I'm the mooshy mom in the audience, lol). I guess because of her struggles, when I get good feedback at Serina's parent conferences, I actually struggle to hold back the tears....can you believe that?!? Well, today was no different! I had to reward them, so we took a trip to the mall, where Serina got a new outfit and Tahlia, a new Build A Bear. I'm so proud of you, Serina and Tahlia....keep up the good work! Love you!!