Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Boys And Their Toys

Today I finally made some time to open up a few gifts that Nate received for his birthday. He got so many presents (thank you everyone) and I still have so much to try to make room for. Needless to say, reorganizing his bedroom is what I will be doing this weekend. He received a few sets of wheels....I guess a boy can never have enough! So check out this boy and his toys! From Tio Eddie and Tia Roxanne From Auntie Amaris (he was clapping)This one is from Tio Juan and Tia Age


Amaris said...

Oh my God, he looks so freakin' cute!!!!!!!! But I so regret not getting the sunglasses I was looking at. He would have looked so cute on that little quad with some shades on.
B-B-B-B bad!!

Anonymous said...

He looks too damn cute... I sure am glad he is diggin his buggy!!


Anonymous said...

Too Adorable... I love his rides!! one thing is for sure; he can't get bored! Lol. ~Tia Roxanne~