Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

This was such a crazy day and I'm SO tired from cooking, what was suppose to be a simple menu. And it was, so I'm not quite sure what took so long and created such a huge mess, but my family enjoyed it and that's what counts. I was up late last night, putting together baskets and filling eggs, so that may be another cause to my fatigue. My kids and nephew really enjoyed themselves and they loved their Easter baskets. A success all the way around! Despite all the work, our family had a wonderful Easter together, seeing the children so excited, was the best! We are truly blessed and I couldn't ask for anything more. Here is glimpse into our Easter Sunday.
Tahlia's Easter basket She devoured her chocolate bunny!!Nate's basket He seems to like his snack filled carrot! You can't eat the snack like that silly!! The boys!! Egg hunting Nate found eggs too!! Having an Easter egg hunt, coloring eggs and enjoy a nice meal, all in the comfort of our backyard! Life is grand!


Amaris said...

My son looks tall and skinny!

Isa said...

everything looks beautiful!