Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nate's Carnival Birthday......Part 3

As you saw in my last post, there was tons to share from Nate's Carnival birthday party. This is the 3rd part of that post. And the last....I promise! I'm not even sure what to do with myself, now that it's over. I've done nothing but work on his birthday, for the past 6 months....I'm lost! LOL. I'm sure I'll find some sort of project soon, I always do. I never stop planning a party! Who knows, I'll probably start working on Nate's next birthday, lol! Actually, Tahlia's birthday is next and I already have some cute ideas! I can't wait to start posting! So here it goes, MORE of Nathaniel's carnival birthday party.
Nate really enjoyed the jumper, before our guest arrived.

The face painter did a great job! What's a carnival without a Caricaturist!
I worked so hard on building these game booths but I'm really proud of myself. My guest thought I rented them! LOL....but no, fabric from Walmart, wood and paint from Home Depot, is all it took. (a closer look)

I filled buckets with some of the prizes....I should've bought more buckets!!!
The Treats!!
He was not too happy by the time his birthday cake came out. Mr. Grumpy!

It all worked out great! I'm a very content and happy mommy!


Anonymous said...

The Carnival Theme Party was Amazing... Great Job!!! Roxanne

Anonymous said...

You did an awesome job! Kids said "Even though there wasn't a pinata it was the best party ever!"

the mommy said...

Really great party, we had a lot of fun and JD had a blast! BTW, thanks for making my son a chocoholic! LOL

Jeannette R. said...

Thanks a lot ladies! I'm glad everyone enjoyed it.
@Adriana-haha, I'm just happy he enjoyed it! But I seen that pic of him, tearing up that chocolate banana! That wasn't my doing! LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm LOVING your candy table!! So cute!
Jennifer B.
Tacoma, Wash.

Anonymous said...

I was searching carnival party ideas and came across your blog and I must say, I love your set up! Great job!!

Amy S.