Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Party Planning: More Carnival Ideas

So even though Nate's party is all over with, I still keep looking at all the things I didn't get to include in the party. I really wish I could have done it all but of course that would have been unrealistic. As I look over what I couldn't fit in, I kept feeling like I should have still shared them. Maybe someone else planning a circus/carnival party, can benefit. Also being able to save someone the time of looking at ALL the individual sites there are, just to come out with one single idea, is another great reason to share. I know I wish I could have found everything in one place! So here are a few items and ideas, that didn't make it to Nate's party.These vintage ice cream cups are super cute! Etsy (Papertreats) $4.95 per dozenStriped print Hot Dog trays- 24 ct $2.99 (Hobby Lobby)Carnival Dessert Plates- 20ct $4.99 (Hobby Lobby)And for those who live the Los Angeles area (but I'm sure you can search in your local area) and have the space for it, this Carnival Game unit is awesome! You can rent it at Extra Fun JumpersThis was one of my favorites but again, space was an issue. Renting a food cart (not just for popcorn), would make your carnival complete! It holds two machines with storage underneath and comes in red and blue. Again in the Los Angeles area, Party Pronto has TONS of carnival supplies.
I hope these finds can help a Party Planning Mama out there. And make their planning easier!