Thursday, April 1, 2010

Squeeze It In

So today, as I check my, Our365 weekly email newsletter, something caught my eye. The words "turn laundry and mopping time into exercise time", so of course I was intrigued! Clicking on the link, led me to It's a website designed to provide tips on quick home exercise workouts for woman/moms. Basically turning every chore, errand and everything you do, into an opportunity to get firmer, slimmer and stronger. I've struggled with weight, since the birth of my second daughter, so this really sounded appealing. Especially now that I am a "Stay at home mom" and looks like that may be my title , for the unforeseeable future. You tend to let yourself go and get caught up in all things baby. Going to the gym isn't something that can be done so easily. Unless of course, I go at 9pm! I started to read over their tips and watch some videos and I have to say, it seemed funny at first but I think I'm going to give it a try. Hopefully doing the things I already do, with the help of these videos, will get me into shape!Here are a few videos, that may work for you. I hope they work for me!
Laundry LegsThere is even an iPhone app, for when you need a refresher course on the go! Click here for downloading instructions.


Veronica said...

I like this!!!