Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cinco De Mayo: Michelada

Over the weekend my friend showed me how to make one of the many versions of Micheladas. The Michelada or cervesa preparada is a term loosely defining a Mexican alcoholic beverage made with beer, lime juice and assorted sauces, spices, peppers, tomato juices or Clamato. It is served in a chilled salt rimmed glass. There are numerous variations of the beverage throughout Mexico and Latin America. A common variation includes Clamato or Tomato juice. They are SO yummy, I could have these for all my celebrations! And with her permission, I get to share this delicious drink recipe, perfect for your Cinco De Mayo celebration! Thanks Roxy! I'm hooked!
1 cold beer (Tecate, Dos XX or Budlight are great)
3 or 4 Ice cubes
A couple drops of Tabasco or Tapatio Sauce
1 or 2 oz Clamato
1/2 a lime juiced
Rim a glass with salt and add all the ingredients. Garnish with a slice of lime and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

* 1 oz. or 2 oz. of Clamato juice (there's also Clamato Picante.) These drinks could be very addicting... Have a great Cinco de Mayo!! ~Roxanne~

Jeannette R. said...

Thanks! I didn't realize I left that out! Good looking out!