Monday, June 14, 2010

iPhone App: 911 Caller

I normally don't find these iPhone apps a big deal (except for a couple of my favorites) but when I downloaded this one, I thought to share. Recently I have been pondering having to dial 911 on my new iPhone. I love my iPhone but thinking of having to slide the little green arrow, touch the phone icon and then touch the keypad icon, in an emergency, makes me nervous! Today I decided to search 911 apps, to see if I could find something that would be easier. Fortunately, I did! I'm new to iPhones, so many of you may already be aware of the 911 Caller app but for you that aren't, I recommend you add it. Warning: Like ALL apps, this one is just as sensitive to the touch. Use with caution!


In emergency situation this program could help save your life.

"9-1-1 Caller" is the fastest way to access to Fire, Police,

Medical Services, and other emergency responders in just one touch!
In screenshots you can see the instructions of how to add the 911 caller icon in the main toolbar of your

iPhone to have it always on tap.

Step 1: Press the "9-1-1 Caller" icon for 3 seconds

until all the icons start to "shake".

Step 2: Drag the "9-1-1 Caller" icon on the main screen of your iPhone.
Step 3: Press main iPhone button to "unshake" icons.

Now the "9-1-1 Caller" is on your main panel ready to