Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Party Planning: Luau for the "Graduate"

My daughter Serina is nearing the end of elementary school, at the end of this month (very sad face)! I can't even believe I'm here?!? I can't believe I'm going to have a daughter in what they call now "Middle school". It seems like only yesterday I was walking her to her first day of pre-school. So as you can imagine, I'm totally FREAKING out! But anyways; her school isn't going to be having any kind of graduation, so I decided to have a small celebration for her. To honor the occasion, we decided on a Luau for her, her friends and some close friends/family. I have about 2 weeks to plan this, while I work on another small project, so I hope I can pull it off! I wanted to make it a cutesy kind of Luau and fortunately for me, tis the season! I just love Luau's, they're fun and colorful. Plus, we haven't had a Luau since Tahlia's first birthday! Here are just a few things that I have found, so far.
Floral Stirrers-$1.00 pk of 8 (Dollar Tree)
Flip Flop Lollipops-$1.00 pk of 6 (Dollar Tree)

Metal Tin Buckets $2.50 at Target
Weave Basket $2.50 at Target (perfect for the Hawaiian rolls)


Amaris said...

You should get those flamingo drink stirrers from Dollar Tree that Mari had at Grandpa's house...those were really cute!

Veronica said...

awww...I know exactly how you are feeling
:( on the other hand...CONGRATS to Serina!!!!