Monday, June 7, 2010

Patisserie Chantilly

Today I had a BAD craving for macaroons and instead of driving all the way to Beverly Hills, to Paulette Macarons, I stopped at Patisserie Chantilly. It's a lot closer and just as yummy, located in Lomita, Ca. They have the most delicious pastries! From the traditional cheesecake, to French-style pastries with a Japanese touch. I could literally go in there and come out with everything in their display case. Kinda like today (hehe)! Let me tell ya.....I was in HEAVEN! I just had to share my yummy selections (which I did NOT eat all by myself, just to be clear).

Creamy Pudding layered over a caramel sauce
Gateau Fraise (strawberry cake)
Chantilly Fromage (signature cheesecake)

Nate really loved his creamy pudding!!
Alsace, Parfait aux Fraises and Mont Fraise


the mommy said...

I love macaroons (JD too)! I'm checking this place out tomorrow, it's literately 5 minutes away from work, thanks for the yummy info.

Amaris said...

What were you doing in my neck of the woods??

Jeannette R. said...

@Adriana-You definitely should! They have delicious stuff! But just so you know, it's closed on Tuesday's! (the only day they close)
@Amaris- I was getting all this stuff! LOL I said I had a BAD craving!