Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Two Sisters Gourmet by PartyLite: Swirled Cheddar Merlot Cheese Mix

A couple of months ago a friend hosted a PartyLite party. For those who are not aware, PartyLite is a company that produces the best quality candles! They have a huge selection of scents and accessories for candles as well. They recently released a new line to there already amazing products and best of all, it's FOOD! They offer products that help you make dishes that are quick, easy and delicious. I had such a good time tasting some of the products that the consultant displayed, who happen to be my Aunt as well. I told her I would be trying as much, if not all of the Two Sisters Gourmet food and share them on my blog. So here is the first product: Swirled Cheddar Merlot Cheese Mix.
Smooth merlot flavor, highlights tangy cheddar. Just mix with cream cheese to create a spread for crackers or make 2 cheese balls. You can also add to mash potatoes.
I made this for an appetizer and my hubby LOVED it! It's definitely easy to make and when you have to come up with a last minute appetizer, this is what you want!
You can shop online for Two Sisters Gourmet products by going on