Thursday, June 10, 2010

Two Sisters Gourmet by PartyLite: Racy Wasabi Raspberry Mustard

The next product I tried from Two Sisters Gourmet, was their Racy Wasabi Raspberry Mustard. It is such a yummy spread for sandwiches (that's what I used it for). I wouldn't recommend this mustard for kids, because it is a very mature taste but for the palate that can handle wasabi, it's perfect!
This unique combination of mustard, raspberries, horseradish and spices is a smooth and savory blend that will absolutely entice your palate.
• Use as a baste for poultry & pork
• Delicious on hot dogs & sausages
• Add to your deviled egg filling• Makes a great dip for sushi & salmon
(sorry for not posting my own image, I'm still not up and running...pc wise!)