Thursday, July 22, 2010

Duff Goldman Collection

A few visits ago, to Michael's craft store, I came across products by Duff Goldman the "Ace of Cakes" and boy was I excited! I had been so preoccupied and never got around to blogging about it. Having to make another trip to Michael's for supplies, I came across them again last week and decided I had to share (if you don't already know). His line features more than 70 products, including fun decorating supplies like premium flavored fondant in nine colors, sprinkles sets in four color palettes, "Cake Graffiti" color spray, cake tattoos and color paste. The line also features unique non-stick baking pans, quality cake mix, and cake decorating tools such as spatulas, fondant cutters, texture tiles and decorating kits.
I really want to get back into cake decorating and of course anything that makes my life easier, I'm all for. You can visit his site (here) and actually get instructions for different projects. It's awesome! A fellow blogger mentioned that the Duff line included a cricut cake machine! I double checked and what I thought was a Duff product, wasn't. So Adriana if you could help a sista out and point us in the right direction, that would be great! I would LOVE to find that as well!


the mommy said...

I love his collection, it's so cool! Well I doubled checked too and it's a Cricut but not by Duff, although I saw them on the same end cap and got super excited:( They do have a Martha Stewart Edition, but like most Cricuts, it's still pretty expensive; although I wouldn't be surprised if he did eventually get his on edition! LOL

J. At Your Service said...

Aww bummer! (that's probably what I saw too!) But yeah, most likely he will come out with one! We'll just have to patiently wait and see...eek!