Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fond of Fondue

First things first....I have the best BFPV ever!! Early this year, my BFPV gave me my first little fondue pot, which I blogged about then. It's really cute and I've been able to use it for a few parties since I recieved it. I since, have been wanting MORE fondue pots. My goal is to own a few and have a "Fondue Date Night"! My husband says I've been watching to many "Everybody Loves Raymond" episodes! LOL! So last week my BFPV happen to go to a second hand store and found me a couple really great fondue pots. And best of all, they were dirt cheap! Check out my new fondue pots, courtesy of my BFPV!
This Hershey's chocolate fondue pot, is just too cute! $5

1.5 qt fondue pot $8


Anonymous said...

You are so very welcome BFPV!! Enjoy, but hurry cause I'm ready for at least a mini fondue party.. And yes I am the bestest BFPV ever!