Thursday, July 8, 2010

I Love Blogging....

So I'm in transition at the moment. In between blog layouts. I see so many blogs with wonderful layouts, that I'm always thinking of changing mine. Maybe I just haven't found what suits me yet or what I'm content with. But as I continue my search, I become more and more in love with blogging. The sharing, the inspiring, it's just awesome. Since I am a "Party Planning Mama", I appreciate so much all the blogs I come across that offer their ideas and resources. It reminds me that there are still people out there, that aren't about just gaining popularity but that truly have a love for party planning. It's not about competition for them, it's just the love! Sites like "Creative Party Place" and "Catch My Party".com, are great because it's sole purpose is to display parties, in turn, sharing ideas. Which was my main objective when I first started my blog. But I've learned so much, since the start of my blog, some good things and some ugly things. One thing is for sure, pictures are EVERYTHING! Anything can look amazing if you take a great photo. Which isn't something I'm use too. I've ALWAYS been the "paparazzi", taking photos of my family and friends, at every occasion but taking pictures of my party set-ups, never! Which kinda stinks, cause by now I could've had a portfolio made, lol. I don't know how most of you can handle the added work of taking pictures of the party and then still entertain. But I guess that's when the professional photographer comes in handy. But I'm still learning about the "biz", although I'm not sure yet, how I feel about making the party planning experience into that. It's too much pressure for me and not to mention I'm not pushy enough. And I do appreciate all the times my friends and family have said to me, "You should do this for a living!". Maybe in time, but for now I'm just happy to plan these parties (big or small). I'm especially happy to come across so many Party Planning Mama's and appreciate them sharing their ideas, inspiring me. I'm still just getting the hang of this, there is still so much I don't know. Like I mentioned, photos and submitting your parties to other blogs/sites.....I didn't even know you could do that! So that's pretty cool! The contest you can enter?!?! The voting on blogs and parties?!! (not sure if popularity contests are what I want) I guess I will learn in time and maybe be up there with "Hostess with the Mostess".... one day! For now, I just love planning parties for my children and love my latest passion..... blogging!


Amaris said...

If you listened to people's advice, you might end up on Oprah one day as one of those women who turned a hobby into an empire.
But do you ever listen? Nooooo.

J. At Your Service said...

Hahaha! I know, I just gotta do the damn thang! Watch out now!