Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My First Sewing Machine: Singer

Last week, as I planned my birthday party, I searched high and low for the perfect damask table runners. Not one party supply store had what I was looking for. It was very frustrating! Well my sister and I decided to head downtown for the rest of the party supplies that we needed, making a stop in the Fashion District. You can find all kinds of styles of clothing and thousands of fabrics. That is where I found the perfect damask fabric, exactly what I wanted my runners to look like. Problem: I don't know how to sew! My sister and I both agreed that we needed to learn how to sew and discussed taking classes. As many parties as I have, I really should learn. It would make things a lot easier for me and I could always find the perfect fabrics in downtown. Fortunately for me, my BFPV's mother in-law offered to make the runners for me and I was able to have the damask runners I wanted! Sunday morning, after the party, I opened some wonderful gifts and was so shocked when I opened my sisters gift.....a Singer sewing machine!! I'm so exited and I can't wait to start classes. I really can't wait to start sewing stuff up! She's the bestest! Thank you sista!