Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Parties: Luau

So right after the USC themed party, I threw a small Luau themed party for Serina and a few of her friends. A way to celebrate her "graduating" from elementary school. This really was a crazy month to plan parties, with all the "End of school year" activities both my girls had. I tried my best to pull off both parties and not to mention taking care of my crazy toddler. So I hope you enjoy my little party!
Flower accents for the margarita glasses, by

Cupcake toppers by
My centerpieces (when doing things last minute, fruit is always the way to go!)

Food Picks by

Napkin wrappers by
Flip Flop Lollipops


isa said...

WOW!!! You need to do this for a living!!!

J. At Your Service said...

Thanks Isa! I do what I can!