Thursday, July 1, 2010

Party Planning: USC theme Snack Station

Over the weekend, my BFPV through a 30th birthday party for her hubby. They are HUGE USC fans, so she decided that would be the theme for the party. As usual we had a blast with our friends, always GOOD TIMES!
Since there isn't many USC themed party items out there, we had to create our own. I was very excited that I was put in charge of the "Snack Station". I used candy that most of us ate as kids and made the chocolate covered twinkies, that were a big hit at Nate's birthday party. So take a look at my USC themed candy/dessert table!


Anonymous said...

Very nice! everything turned out great!! ~Roxanne~

Anonymous said...

Thank You BFPV, everything turned out AWESOME!!! Everyone LOVED it!!! I owe you but,I don't think I can ever repay you in the ways of decorating or party planning, but I'll figure something out..