Friday, July 23, 2010

Who's stealing our stuff??

Recently we have started to notice things go missing in our home. A couple weeks ago, I went crazy looking for one of my sandals. I had just seen them in my living room and BOOM, it was gone. Around the same time, we were in search of one of Nate's bottles and still found nothing. Serina, at one point could not find her ipod or sunglasses. Well after some extensive searching, we found our stuff (at different times of course)! And the culprit left behind clues!
He left behind his blue football and purple ball!
Another clue: Thomas the Train socks and bug toy
Aah hah! The missing ipod and sunglasses
If you haven't figured it out by now, my son is the culprit! He apparently has been stuffing his chunky little arm into my bedroom closet, through a small gap in the doors. LOL! Because my closet floor is a place where I just toss things onto, I never really look down there, just up, to reach for my clothes. So I never seen or paid attention to what was hiding. At least we know where to look now, when things go missing. That little stinker!!!


Isa D. said...

He's gonna be missing next and then you'll read a blog about my gorgeous new baby boy!! =)

J. At Your Service said...

LOL!!!! You're so funny Isa! You sure you want TWO boys and then your new baby girl! Sounds like mayhem to me! He might hide your baby girl too! LOL!