Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rivas Family Vacation: Los Cabo, Mx.

"Act like every day you are on vacation!
Laugh, play, explore, learn, relax, and have fun!
Today is a gift we have all been given."

Our family returned from our first family vacation, last Monday (sorry for the late post). I can't begin to describe our trip, it was just wonderful. To get away from "life" and the usual routine, was really great. We lounged around the pool, had drinks and food brought to us (mama got a goooood break), it was heaven! No itinerary (except for the plane and resort reservations) was made, we just decided to show up and see what we came across. We took a sunset dinner cruise, TRIED snorkeling, attended beach parties and danced with dolphins, just had a memorable time. Best of all, we spent time together. When I seen the quote at the beginning of this post, it explained so much how I felt after our trip. (Quote, courtesy of Mama Hen of Mama's Little Chick)

Gotta love under-water cameras

Nate's usual pose more smily baby! :(

We took a few hundred pictures, so yeah, that's too many to post! I chose a few to share and I am still waiting to upload our Dolphin Encounter photos, stay tuned. If you would like to see more, check out my Facebook album.


Shawntae said...

Hey! Thanks for following me. I'm now following you too. You have gorgeous kids! Your little man is soo cute. I love his little smile and his expressions. I can tell he's a crack up!

Tracy said...

It looks like you all had a wonderful time. Beautiful pics too. I think it is so good to just get away with the family sometimes.

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J. At Your Service said...

Thanks ladies! I will definitely return the follow!

Mama Hen said...

Welcome to Mama's Little Nestwork! Wow! That is the first time I have ever seen my own quote somewhere. Very neat! Thank you for liking it! Your vacation looks amazing. I used to live in Puerto Vallarta for two years. It is my home away from home. Your pictures show what a great trip you had. I hope to see you more often around the Hen House! Thank you for joining Mama's Little Nestwork!

Mama Hen

Victoria's Voice said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful vacation. I love the pictures! I am your newest follower from MBC. I would love have you stop by sometime and say hey!


Cassiopeia said...


I am follower #100. Do I win a prize?!

Your little guy has such an expressive face. When he's happy he just glows, and when he's unhappy you can see the clouds coming in! He is so cute.

J. At Your Service said...

@Mama Hen- you are very welcome, I just loved it so much! And will be making my way to the hen house, can't wait!
@Cassiopeia- LOL! That's exactly how to describe his moods! He doesn't even need to talk, his faces say it all! hahaha

Tammy said...

Your family is beautiful! Looks like a great vacation. Thanks for stopping by my blog...I am now following you back! Enjoy your evening!

Sharina said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog :)

Your pictures are beautiful, it looks like you all had so much fun. I am sure it was nice to get away from the trials of daily life and spend some quality time with your loved ones!

SoMo Mom said...

Beautiful family ... your little guy is ADORABLE! I just heard on the news from some finance guy that studies have shown that material things do not make us happy (for long) ... HOWEVER, spending money on things like vacations actually give a long-term effect on happiness levels. :-) Thanks for stopping by www.southernMOMentum ... I am your newest follower!

Kim@Chubby Cheeks Thinks said...

Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm following you back! :)


Alicia said...

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