Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Tahlia!!!

My baby girl is 7 yrs old today! Time is flying by so fast. We had a small party for her yesterday, which I will post about tomorrow (hopefully) but today it's dinner (her faves) and cake. I surprised her with balloons at school, she felt so special and excited. That really just made my day! We had to rush out of the house this morning to school and I forgot to tell her Happy Birthday. If you know me, you know how much I try to make my children's birthdays as special as possible. So as you can imagine, when I realized it, on my way home, I felt SO bad! I was seriously sobbing! I just felt like the worst mother ever. All day I felt awful and guilty. So when I brought the balloons to school and saw her so happy, NOT even realizing that she didn't get a "Happy birthday" in the morning, I almost cried with relief. I also realized that I felt worse than she did and I had tortured myself for nothing. We went to the bakery, so she could pick out her own cake, she had a cookie and she was so care free, that I felt so foolish for crying so much. I swear, I always do this to myself but I just can't help but feel awful when something goes "wrong" on their birthdays. Oh well, I guess it's normal to have these "mommy issues". It's that whole "fearing I'm not doing a good job" idea that most mom's have. Always thinking we could do better, it just never ends. But the day is ending on a happy note and for my daughter, it was a great day and that's what counts. Happy Birthday Tahlia!! Love you!!


Sharina said...

awww Happy birthday to your little girl! As she gets older she will remember all of the things that you did do for her :)

Mimi said...

Having children is almost like you have 2 birthdays. I think at times I can be more excited or my son's birthday than he is. Happy Birthday to your lil lady.

BTW...I am giving you a versatile blogger award. Stop by my site for details!!!

J. At Your Service said...

Thank you ladies! I sure do hope she remembers and appreciates it.

Veronica said... cute!!! Happy late birthday to her!