Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Mission: Organization

Over the holiday weekend I worked on a few projects, one of them being, getting organized. I'm not really sure what's got into me but I've been really upset with myself. Mostly because I'm not very organized and it's really starting to bother me. Let me be clear, I'm the one that manages our finances, the kids doctors/dentists appts, everything that we ALL need, keeping our home running, school activities/paperwork/schedules, etc..... and I'm on TOP of it all. But what I lack is an organized WAY of managing it. I don't plan my meals weekly, usually on a day to day basis (which costs me more money). I have paperwork ALL over the place and I'm always scrambling to find what I need. I've gotten REALLY REALLY bad "mommy brain", so I WILL forget something if it's not in my iPhone. I have a TON of notebooks with lists galore but I always seem to forget where that list is! LOL! So I have decided that this MUST end! I need to get organized and possibly save myself from insanity. While my garage is still in the works, this weekend I worked on my desk/work area. In this area I blog, surf the web, get crafty, collect tons of mail, bills, some crafting supplies, notebooks and just junk. I cleaned this sucker out and purchased boxes for storage. I'm so proud of myself, for just taking this first step. Next week I will be working on my meal plans, stay tuned for that!

In process


Adriana said...

I love those boxes from Marukai, I just organized my "craft corner" of the closet on Monday; they come in really handy and they look nice too! Now let's just see how long we can keep it up! LOL

Veronica said... funny, lately I've been in the mood to get all organized too. I even have a list of the all the areas in my house I need to So far I've checked off 2 out of the 10 or 12 I have listed. Wish me luck!! I should take pics too, it might help me maintain the order if I see how bad they were before. LOL... BTW..I too LOVE Marukai!!

J. At Your Service said...

@Adriana- They're great aren't they! You shoulda seen O's face! He was blown away at my neater station and he said the same thing "How long is that gonna last?" LOL.... I'm going to try my best! :)
@Vero- Thats why I decided to take pics and post it. It will FORCE me to do it, or else I'm a liar, LOL. Murakai is awesome! Good luck to you! :)

Nicole said...

Wow looks great! I always tell myself I need to get organized, but it always sounds so much easier in my head!

Disney Diva Tips said...

I have also been trying to organize my office/house. It gets out of order so quickly. I always joke that I am one person trying to keep 5 people organized. NOT an easy task. Good for your getting organized. Keep it up!!!

J. At Your Service said...

@ Disney Diva- Well that IS how I feel as well and since it's not easy to keep 5 people organized, everything goes to the crapper. That's why I had to start somewhere. Thanks, I will certainly try! :)