Sunday, September 12, 2010

Party Planning: Monsters & Aliens

It's Sunday afternoon and I have been in "Party Planning Mama" mode since I woke up! While I am planning a small girly party for my daughter next Sunday, I have also been experimenting with ideas for Nate's 2nd birthday. Yes, I know, it sounds insane but that's the way my mind works. Actually, I have been thinking about it for a little while now. One of the ideas I really liked was a "Monsters & Alien" theme. My little man still really loves Yo Gabba Gabba (mainly Brobee) but I didn't want to do that theme again. So since they/he are "monsters" in a way, I thought I would do monsters (not scary of course). Not to mention he does act like a little monster too! Another little character he likes is the cute green aliens from Toy Story, so I thought of incorporate those as well. So here I am like a loony, shopping for items and putting things together, just brain storming. Who knows, Nate loves to play ball, so I may just start thinking of ways to have a "Ball" theme party! LOL! But for now, this is what I'm going with... hehe! Check out my experiments...

I can't decide if this is an alien or a monster?? LOL, but I like it for decorating!
Made out of a car washing mitt, pipe cleaners and eye balls. Stuffed with a cylinder vase, to hold it upright. It still needs some finishing touches though.
Spaceship with alien creatures. To use as hanging decor or even centerpieces.
Made with pipe cleaners, 2 plastic bowls (99 cent store), foil paper, eye balls and squishy fringy balls (LOL, sorry I don't know how to describe them!), also from the 99 cent store.
I found this t-shirt at Target and I thought it was perfect for him and the theme. I bought it a couple sizes bigger (I hope big enough!). If I end up changing themes, then it won't be a big loss, it was only $4
These monster lollipops are so cute! And perfect for a "Monsters & Alien" party! Found on Squidoo


Adriana said...

Really cute theme! It's so funny I got JD a robot shirt (24 months) from Target for his next b-day too! BTW, I think it's an alien, because it has antennas. LOL

J. At Your Service said...

@Adriana-Thank you! I made it and then I was like "what is it??", LOL! I got Nate a 3T, cause I have a little fatty on my hands! Now I just have to work on the Monsters part of it. Member that art pc (the ugly doll/monster one) we saw in DTLA, I have a friend working on some for me too. I'm already getting excited! :)

Anonymous said...

OMG your a effing LUNATIK!!!!!! lol- Jessica!

Amaris said...

"All hail the claw!!"

Veronika said...

What a creative theme! I love how the squishy fringy balls came out, how clever to add the googly eyes & make them look like monsters! I bet all the decor will turn out amazing... so far everything looks adorable!

Missy @ Life Ain't Always Beautiful said...

Ha ha those are really cute.

You have been awarded the “One Lovely Blog Award” on my blog.

~ Missy