Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Summer Swim Lessons

I am pleased to say that Nate completed his swim lessons this past Saturday, at Lucky Duck Swim School. To be honest he wasn't able to take as many classes as I would have liked (we had a very busy summer) but he completed the program and even got a little certificate, which I will be framing. He definitely isn't a "Pro" but he does love the water now (his face, not so much), which was my goal for him. I had enrolled him, in the hopes of getting him use to the water before our vacation but a week in Cabo was all the time he needed. He probably had more classes AFTER our trip than before. But I will definitely be enrolling him again, next summer! Better prepare him for the big boy classes, when he's ready and older.

Since Nate didn't use up all the classes I paid for, I was able to bring that credit over to use for Tahlia. Who knows a few things about swimming but still has to wear her floaties. So I thought it would be a good idea to sign her up for a few private lessons before school starts. And she is actually learning pretty quickly, which doesn't surprise me because she's always been a fast learner. She has picked up the most important part (to me anyway) and that's on, what she should do when she gets tired, so she won't drown. Flip and Float is what they call it. So I am really happy about that! There are a few more lessons to go but I know she'll do great too! Way to go Nate and Tahlia! Mama is proud! :)


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