Friday, October 22, 2010

Brookstone: CandyMan Motion Activated Candy Dispenser

Yesterday our Brookstone Fall catalog arrived and I am not a techy type person but something on the cover caught my eye. Actually, I think the only reason we get this catalog is because of a purchase we made for my father in-law, YEARS ago. Anyways, it was the CandyMan Motion-Activated Candy Dispenser. How cool is this dispenser?!? Can you just see a couple of these on a candy table for your next party? I can! Definitely a unique way to display your candy, with a futuristic feel, for a space/alien/robot theme party. They are reasonably priced, in my opinion, at $39.95 each. My wish list is getting longer and longer by the day! Hahaha! I am definitely investing in these, they are too cool to pass up!

Perfect for dispensing unwrapped candy, unsalted nuts and gum balls, the Motion-Activated Candy Dispenser from Brookstone® is fun for families and perfect for the office. Easy-fill top makes it simple to load in candy. Then just wave your hand under the dispenser and the perfect amount of your favorite treat pours out. Three settings: Small Handful, Large Handful, Bowl.
CandyMan dispenses candy, gum balls, nuts and more. Holds 12.5 cups of your favorite treats. Touch-free operation helps prevent the spread of germs, especially with kids at playtime. It also helps families limit portion size. CandyMan runs on 4 AA batteries (not included) or AC power adapter (sold separately).

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Eschelle said...

cool idea!!! though i see you would have to put it in just the right place so as to have it not be a hazard to dogs or babies who are to too smart for their own good lol!

J. At Your Service said...

Yeah, definitely! My son would so be the kid to figure it out and glue himself to the table it's on! LOL!!