Thursday, October 21, 2010

{Cost Plus} World Market: Craft Table

Earlier this week I blogged about taking a trip to World Market and I also did some online "window" shopping. I decided to see what other cool items I could find and I nearly jumped out of my seat when I seen this product! A beautiful craft table! Now my garage is still a work in progress but I have high hopes for it and having this craft table in there would really make this space an awesome area to work in. It has spacious cubbies, a beautiful finish and ample tabletop. And did I mention, it's only $199? YES!! This has officially been added to my wish list and I can't wait to work on my party planning projects, on this gorgeous table! EEK!




kitten said...

Suh-weeeet! i LOVE world market too! :)

Nicole said...

I love World Market furniture! I'm saving up for a new dining room table from there :)

Michelle said...

adding to my wish list now! =) Thanks for sharing!!!