Monday, October 11, 2010

What makes you a Super Mom??

Have you ever wondered what makes a supermom super?

If you are a mom & fulfill more than three of the criteria below ... YOU are a supermom!
(this is just for fun, we're ALL Super Mom's)

You have more than one child ~ I have three (o:
You work full time ~ does being a full-time, stay-at-home mom count?
You are the entertainment & party planner ~ Most definitely!
You are the meal planner, grocery shopper & chef ~ yep!
You are the family attorney & judge ~ yes, Mom's rules always apply
You are the nurse & psychologist ~ YUP!
You are the taxi driver ~ Mon- Sun...the worst part of this job! Grrr
You are the teacher ~ Life teacher, yes
You are the homework checker ~ YUP!
You are the housekeeper~ unfortunately, yes!
You are the landscaper ~ Thats where I draw the line. I have a gardner for that! :)
You are the vet & pet groomer ~ Don't think I could be the vet but I have tried to groom our puppy
Looks like I qualify! I didn't need the quiz to know that but it's nice to see the facts. Hahaha!

Want to know what makes it all worth while?

These beautiful faces are my world! Their happiness and taking care of them is my main priority in life. Sorry hubby, you're a close 4th! LOL! I teach them to be good people and to have a good head on their shoulders. That is why being "Super Mom" or "Super Exhausted Mom" is worth it.
Quiz courtesy of Be Positive Mom

Are you a Super Mom??


Kristi said...

well, according to your post, I am indeed a super mom and that makes me super happy. thanks for such a great post!

Randi K said...

J, thanks for the follow! I am now following you back!

sara said...

Great post. Your kiddos are beautiful.

Shoni said...

Love this list! I am many of these...although right now I only have one child. Working on that though! :)

Amaris said...

This is a cute one blog! And I love the picture...they look so innocent