Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Who needs therapy? I have a toilet to scrub

CAUTION: NOT for the humorless or serious type mom

Today a friend suggested I take a look at "Mom's who drink and swear" on Facebook. "Mom's who drink and swear" is about reality. I just LOVE their welcome statement: Real moms get frustrated and say things that they regret. Real moms often have no time to shower, rarely get to take a dump alone and need other real moms to lean on. No judgement here, just over the top stories, rants and good drink ideas. This is so refreshing to me. You have no idea! That is where I came across a post by Dawn Barnsdale's Posterous. It was so hilarious and so true to how I feel at times, I had to share it. "As wives, mom’s, hell, women in general we usually have a few universal bitches. Husbands/boyfriends/significant others, kids and/or pets, and cleaning house are the usual suspects.
My constant bitching about house cleaning is a source of amusement amongst my family members. They mock me (behind my back of course) about my “This house is a disaster!” catchphrase. My nagging, yelling and eventual meltdown regarding the lack of help from them has become so expected that they just mumble something incoherent and then rush to do whatever it is I am yelling about at that given moment.

But then there are the days that I am nervous, upset, sad, or angry and house cleaning changes from a daily source of drudgery to a much needed therapeutic exercise. Turning on loud music, organizing the items needed for each room and then losing myself in the bleach fumes is the most cathartic thing in the world. The sight of a sparkling clean toilet that you could eat cake off of is enough to bring a tear of joy to my eye, and help to dispel a shitty mood- if only momentarily.

So I save $100 an hour and not only feel emotionally rejuvenated, but can see what my hard work has accomplished and it makes me smile. And at the end of the day- when the fruits of my labor have diminished or vanished completely, I can still sit back with a glass of wine and be content in the knowledge that my family has been spared my OCD like nagging about helping out, and that I have saved them from the common cold for another day- even if they never even notice." How many mom's out there, ever have these moments? I sure do. It would be nice to act perfect and act like I never get overwhelmed with my children but you know what, it's too exhausting to be that fake. Reading some of these stories has really made me feel so good about my imperfectness! If you want to read more of Dawn's ramblings, check out her posterous. And "Moms who drink and swear" is my new favorite site!



Eschelle said...

Thank you so much for sharing this!!! I LOVE IT!!! Head over heals !

Nicole said...

I think it's my new favorite site too!