Friday, December 17, 2010

Party Planning: The Kiddie Table

Let me just say it's been a crazy week! My poor son got sick AGAIN, with what seems to be another stomach bug, a week after he recovered from the last bug! At least that's what the doctor says, so hopefully it is JUST a viral thing. My daughters had so many school functions going on and on the SAME days! Having a sick child to have to take with you, every where you have to go is NO fun, let me tell you. After spending a lot of time disinfecting my house today, I'm finally sitting in bed and ready to blog my stress away. So on with it.....
I decided that for Nate's 2nd birthday party I would have a table for him and any little buddies that happen to join us. So of course I want it child size with child size chairs, making it easier for them to sit alone. And how cute would it be for him and his friends to have their own table with their own place setting?!?! TOO CUTE! I just hope they leave their place settings on the table long enough for me to take a picture of it. Nate's way of letting us know he's done with his food is usually by tossing everything off his table! LOL! (fingers crossed) I'm looking into purchasing the table and chairs, instead of renting. We have so many parties and I know I will get a lot of use out of them and maybe even rent them out, as I continue to party plan. Below are some tables that I'm considering, it's just so hard to decide...... I love them ALL!
These are side tables from Target. I can put a few together and make a longer table layout. @ $14.99 each. I actually purchased a couple of red ones for Nates 1st birthday party, that I used to place games on.
I really love this Half Moon Resin toddler table from Leg length options of: 18"-20"-22" and they measure 65"L x 35"W. Choose from red, yellow, blue and green. Priced @ $97.69
Both of these Colored Activity tables are from CSN The picture above is for the Small rectangular table measuring 18"x36". Leg length: toddler size adjusting 16"-24" @$75.00
Below is the Large toddler size, measuring 36"x60" in length @$119.00. Check out the many color options below!
And to really make them perfect, I found these super cute Monster wall decals! As you can see, can be placed on the the tables as well. Is that not AWESOME or what??! (Toys R Us $12.99)