Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wordless(ish) Wednesday

I keep cracking up at this picture! He's such a character!



Amaris said...

My nephew is FRIPPIN' ADORABLE!!

J. At Your Service said...

HE is, isn't he!!! I can't stay mad at him for too long, even when he dumps all my tampons in the toilet, cause his face melts my heart!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Nate the Great... You are too funny hunny!! I Love it!


Alicia Stucky said...

What a cutie! I always love people's wordless Wednesday posts... I'm too rambly to make a post without a kajillion words attached. :-P

J. At Your Service said...

Thanks Alicia! So am I actually, that's why mine are always "Wordless-ish". LOL!!