Thursday, February 10, 2011

Party Essentials: Got Buckets?

Here's a little tid bit you may not know about me but I'm obsessed with buckets. Yes, it's true! I love buying buckets in all colors. They are just so useful! You can put beverages in them, favors, prizes, candy, use them as centerpieces, you name it. So of course when I started to plan Nate's 2nd birthday party, I thought of looking for buckets and buckets that match. Well I HAVE had some luck, a few times apparently. I didn't realize that I had already found buckets, a few months ago and when I seen MORE buckets, I bought those too! LOL! I now have an abundance of buckets. Take a look!
These I purchased at The Dollar Tree
These (top and bottom) are from the dollar section at Target @ $2.50 each
Technically these aren't buckets but I love bowls too and they matched, so I had to grab them! @Dollar Tree


Ashley O. said...

I have the same sets of buckets from Target Just in pink and green! I was SO excited when I found them in her party theme colors!!

J. At Your Service said...

Ashley, it's funny how something so simple as buckets,can excite us! LOL!!

Tini Posh said...

LOL! I am driving around with pink, tif blue, and silver buckets right now (Target)! Need to get them out of the car..just bought them because I love buckets too : )

J. At Your Service said...

@Claudia- hehe! We both have a issues apparently.