Monday, June 13, 2011

Thomas the Train-esque: Favor Labels & Invitations

As I posted last week, I was still in the works on this Train themed party. Happy to say I finally worked up something that was perfect for the birthday boy! By the way......If you don't know by now, the number ONE mistake in planning a party is to plan without the child in mind. BIG no no! As mothers, that may be something we lose sight on, especially since we're so controlling. I always try to keep my childrens parties to what they want, whether it looks photo ready or not. It can be tough, especially when you're a planner and your head runs wild with ideas. Suddenly the Minnie Mouse theme your child wanted, turns into a "vintage chic french style mouse"! LOL. Sadly, I almost made that same mistake with this client. Fortunately she's a friend and she totally let me work it out and fix my mistake. Never. Happening. Again.

After realizing that this did NOT need to be vintage or blah blah blah, I stuck with what the boy loves.....Thomas the Train! Which is why this theme was chosen. The boy owns like every train in the TTT collection. Seriously. He does. So after working up a few things and the mama's approval, we now have a fun train party in the works. Here are the favor labels and invites that I made up for her, uuhh..... I mean HIM :)


Kristy said...

LOOOOVE the final product. I don't know the boy, but these are fabulous!